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August 17 2017


Arranging a 50th Anniversary Party

Within the last few several years I have helped strategy many a 50th birthday party, as well as given two. One party was in honor of my parent's 50 years together, the other to honor the same for my in-laws. I frequently acquire calls and emails by my clients saying how much the anniversary party used to the anniversary couple and often their guests even now talk about it. This article will review some of the party planning aspects that make the biggest impact on the celebrants and their guests Sent invitations are a must: Though today it is absolutely appropriate to send email invitations for most types of events, a 50th anniversary party is not one of those. However , it is acceptable to send 'save the date' notes by email and I highly recommend doing this. There are numerous free online services that offer the following (type the words "free on-line save the date" within a search bar to find some). For those guests that aren't proficient in email - a good 'save the date' call to them would be ideal. Amerisleep offers extensive reviews Similar to wedding invitations, the formal 50th anniversary party stationery ideally should be sent out 2 months before the party so that those who need to make travel arrangements can easily do so. Make sure you include a RSVP reply date, as well as your info (I recommend providing a contact number and email address). To help you with your planning, set the 'reply by' date regarding 3 weeks before the actual occurrence. Not everyone will answer back by then, but it will certainly help cut down the number of follow-up calls you need to make. Assist those that are coming from out of town using hotel accommodations and transport needs: In all likelihood you will have friends and family coming to the party that reside in other cities and states. Help make it much easier on them by doing a bit of exploration ahead of time and including a different page with the compiled info inside the invitation envelope for all guests who will require motels. Things to research and include: Supply the name, phone number, and web-site for one or two conveniently located hotels. Call these homes ahead of time and ask for the best level for the weekend from the party as well as room access. Provide the rate information on the invitation insert page. Include directions to the party coming from each hotel as well as the close time it takes to travel through the hotel to the party. Offer the name, phone number and web-site for one or two car rental providers. Again, call ahead and inquire for best rates and gives this information. For those guests who all don't need to rent a vehicle nevertheless do need transportation to and from the airport - add the name, number, and website of companies that provide this kind of service (airport limousine services, private transportation services, and taxis) along with their rates. With large cities some resorts provide this service price tag - inquire when you get in touch with about availability and charges. (You may also choose to get family members or friends to take with you out-of-town guests. ) Meal and Beverages: Everyone anticipates the food and drink at parties, not so much because it is 100 % free, but because they don't have to prepare it and because they are really hoping for something interesting and delicious. Don't disappoint! When you aren't into cooking or maybe entertaining and don't have tips as to what to serve, solicit the help from a friend or two that does do a lot of both. If you have it focused ask the company for sample menus from past gatherings that they catered. It will offer you great ideas as well as with general pricing information. Whether it is an afternoon or evening event that doesn't include an actual food, you'll want to offer a good a number of appetizer-like items. Items that can be eaten out of hand (no utensils) are terrific. And make sure you have enough - better to have too much than too little. There are many terrific cookbooks that focus on just this type of food. Online is also a wealth of information in relation to recommendations and recipes intended for appetizer parties (type "planning an appetizer party" from the search bar). If you are preparing a meal just think of 'balance'. You'll want one or two entrée alternatives, at least one starch (although I always recommend likewise serving rolls & spread too), and at least just one vegetable. If it isn't a sit back meal I always provide for least a choice of two things for each component of the food (entrée, starch, vegetable) but it really isn't necessary if that seems like too much. I would likewise recommend serving a satisfying salad (meaning make sure it has several ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, red onion, and perhaps some grated or maybe crumbled cheese) for those guests who prefer to eat lighter weight. Offer them a choice of at least two salad dressings. As for refreshments - the usual water, diet plan and regular soft drinks, as well as perhaps lemonade should be offered. If you serve alcohol cater to the flavour of the couple and most on the guests. Are they beer, cocktail, and/or wine drinkers? I really do recommend that you splurge about having a champagne toast by all the guests to the pleased couple. Most party source shops, and even many markets, sell small plastic stemmed cups that are perfect for toasting. As for the champagne, you don't need to spend much - nevertheless, you need to make sure it tastes good. Visit a local wine service provider, tell them your price range and enable them recommend a few bottles to you. For my parent's party we were able to attain very good Californian 'Champagne' for approximately $18 per bottle. Since you don't need to pour full spectacles, just enough for a toast and a bit more, you need not buy numerous it. This celebration definitely calls for a decorated cake. A cake that appears like a wedding cake is always a good choice, but it does cost more. I'm sure that the 'bride' recalls well how her marriage ceremony cake was decorated -- ask her about it and maybe you can have the bakery finish a sheet cake to resemble the wedding cake rather (for example - possibly she had yellow and pink roses on her marriage ceremony cake). It is always nice to personalize the cake along with the guest of honor's companies such as "Happy 50th Wedding anniversary Robert and Joan". Decorations and Ambiance: Creating a festive mood for a party can be, in part, accomplished by the style and music. Since everybody knows that a 50th wedding anniversary is their golden anniversary - decorating with gold-colored touches is perfect and easy to perform. I always recommend balloon blossoms. If you use only the latex balloons they are quite affordable. Mylar balloons are a nice touching - but they can get extravagant. I like using two hues for the bouquets - one of which is gold. You may as well typically find "Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary" banners in party supply stores or perhaps at stores like Target. You can also choose gold-theme paper plates, napkins and servings. I also like to set out a couple of vases of fresh plants - it lends a pleasant touch to the decor. You may want to find out what flowers the bridesmaid had in her bridal bouquet and purchase similar flowers at least flowers in the same colors family. You can also set the mood with music. Request your celebrants what their favorite type of music is and if they have a favorite singer. And enquire them what songs and artists were popular after they got married. If they have a great 'our song' or a track that they danced their first dance as a married couple to make sure you play the item during the party. "And a word from our guests of honor": This part of the special event elicits anything from hearty laughter to heart-felt holes from the 'audience' - according to what celebrants share. In advance of the party ask the couple being honored "what is the secret behind the success of your marriage? " Ask them if they are willing to show those reflections with some during the party. If they are uncomfortable speaking in front of a group - ask if it would be alright for the host or simply hostess to share them. Within my parent's party my father advised those that had come to share that special day that "being married to my best friend may be the secret. " He then elaborated on how she had viewed him through his ideal times and worst and exactly how she looked with esteem upon his strengths and loved him dearly inspite of his flaws. There had not been a dry eye in the audience by the time he accomplished. But at a friend's parent's party the lady told her guests that their whole secret was "earplugs. The room practically shakes when he snores". Tears resulted, but they had been tears of laughter! As well - find out a head of time if the few being honored would like mins to address their guests besides sharing their secrets to success. Most couples need, at the very least, to have an opportunity to express 'thank you' to their friends for coming, although a number of also take the opportunity to express more. Finally, thank everybody for coming: Gracious features always make sure that they personally give thanks to their guests for approaching. Guests then leave the party feeling that their whole attendance was truly valued. I always like to send friends home with a little 'thank you' bag to remember the big event with. You need not fill the idea with expensive items - one or two small favors happen to be perfect. I love to include treats decorated especially for the celebration as well anything which incorporates a photo of the couple.

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